Sun and Happiness

March is one of my favourite months of the year.
March comes with sun, flowers, longer days and happy people 🙂”>Follow


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Nafnaf home made vest

Hi guys!
The vest you see below used to be a jacket, but I was tired of it so I made it a vest with my own sewing machine.


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High heels

Hello my dear friends..I’ve been missing for a few days, because I caught a cold, and it keept me in bed :(.. I’m still cold, but the weather today was I went for a short walk on my way to the kindergarten to pick up my son. I wear a “vintage” dress (from 2008) but I still love it from Terranova, VS high heel purple boots, Esprit jacket, and my mini Mango bag. I wish u all a great and sunny week ❤

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Hello, my dear friends :)

Well, I’ve decided to make a blog to share with all my friends photos from my life. It’s a blog about everything..from clothes to food and travel. I also expect ideas about new topics. This is my first post, so don’t be so hard on me. I wish you all a beautiful week full of sun and happiness. Kisses, AlexitzaImage